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Health Care Products
Moisturizing Tea
Herbal tea can moisturize intestine, relax the bowels and adjust internally and maintain externally. It focuses on the health of intestine through moisture, relaxing bowels, regimen, supplement.
Youth Tea
Internal and external nourishing, and keep you healthy sustainably. The perfect combination of ingredients features sweet and refreshing anti-greasy tastes, a great herbal diet tea for you.
Slim Tea
The herbal formula can promote the weight loss and fat reduction. One cup of the tea after meal can help refresh you and remove the greasy, which is conducive to weight loss, slim figure and flat abdomen.
Clearing Tea
Relax the bowels and nurse the intestine. One bag of the tea with herbal formula everyday can help relax the bowels regularly.
Nourishing Tea
It can relax the bowels, moisturize your intestine and uplift your spirit. The perfect combination of ingredients ensures the tea quality, certified with Blue hat sign. The herbal tea creates the relaxed bowels.
Orlistat Capsules
Inhibit decomposition and absorption of the fat. One granule with the meal can help remove fat and lose weight.
Clear Mind Soft Capsules
Major functions: Activate blood circulation, disperses blood stasis, dredge the channels, relieve the pain, uplift the spirit. It is used for stroke, apoplexy involving the meridians , hemiplegia, facial paralysis, chest stuffiness and pains caused by blood stasis. It is also used to treat diseases such as cerebral infarction, coronary heart disease, angina pectoris and hyperlipidemia.
Vitamin E Soft Capsules
Indication: It is used for the adjunct treatment of cardiac and cerebrovascular diseases, habitual abortion and infertility.
Benproperine Phosphate Capsules
Indication: It is used to treat acute and chronic bronchitis and cough caused by various irritations.
Garlic Oil Soft Capsules
Major functions: Invigorate the spleen, dispel dampness and remove phlegm. It is suitable for the adjunct treatment of hyperlipidemia caused by sputum turbidity suppression.
Rose & Black Tea
It is made from selected rose petals and black tea, a sip of rose tea can make you feel the integrated fragrant of flowers and tea.
Ginger & Brown Sugar Tea
It is made of nutritional essences of high-quality dried ginger, red dates and longan, supplemented with brown sugar and herbal, which can warm and nourish the body.
Red Bean & Barley Tea
It is made from selected high-quality raw materials with scientific formula. Its taste is pure. Drinking one cup every day can dispel dampness.
Licorice & Ginger Tea
It is made from selected licorice, ginger, natural herbs and traditional formula. It smells appetizing and can nourish your body.
T+ Billions Probiotics
With high activity and multiple strains, it can nurse your health and soothe the stomach and intestines.
Freeze-drying Coffee
It selects raw materials from the hometown of coffee, and adopts cold brew freeze-drying technology to retain the original aroma of coffee and satisfy your unique taste.
Prune Juice
It is made from prunes entirely exposed to the sun from California. As the after-meal juicy drinks, it tastes more sweet and sour.
Sea-Buckthorn Juice
Sea-buckthorn is rich in vitamin C, the juice is made from 100% fresh pulp. It tastes great.
Red Bean & Barley Fruit Tea
Fried barley and fresh fruit slice, a regimen tea for young people, drink every day, healthy every day.
Vitamin C Effervescent Tablets (Sweet Orange)
It is an instant drink, which is rich in vitamin C and good for your health. It tastes sweet and sour, and can uplift your spirit.
Light Milk Tea
It is made from natural tea leaves with good tastes and fragrant smell, which can help reduce your burdens. One bag of the tea can make you pleasant.