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Besunyen has always been a stage for young people to show talents and realize dreams. Every talent is encouraged to join Besunyen for innovation, self-improvement, growth and mutual complement. We will pursue dreams and create the highlight of life together.

Honest and trustworthy

Responsible and dutiful

Pragmatic and sedulous

Innovation and breakthrough

1. Responsible for development of raw material, formulation design and pharmacological mechanism research of Chinese medicinal materials;

2. Use technical platform to carry out experimental research, collect and analyze data, and write academic articles independently;

3. Responsible for the research and development of health food, including feasibility analysis, project application, relevant experimental research, registration and application and so on;

4. Responsible for the management of scientific research projects and the maintenance of university resources;

5. Assist to write patent application documents and reply to review comments.

1. Research tea leaves, such as active ingredients, flavor substances and health functions;

2. Create new technology and new process of functional tea, provide technical support for the company’s products;

3. Responsible for collecting and analyzing information of tea market, reserving and updating tea raw material supplier resources;

4. Proficient in looking up Chinese and English literature and tracking domestic and foreign tea research progress;

5. Follow up the progress of project R&D and coordinate the work of external cooperative R&D institutions.

1. Fully responsible for the store operation and daily management, including talent cooperation, store broadcast/platform event planning, product promotion and so on.

2. Responsible for the expansion and coordination of talents and institutions in TikTok and Kuaishou, and establish cooperation in live broadcasting;

3. Responsible for the planning, registration, implementation and summary of store self-operated activities and platform marketing activities;

4. Coordinate with internal departments of the company, communicate with customer service, logistics, warehouse management and other departments timely for production, sales, pre-sales/post-sales coordination, take optimal measures to satisfy the customers;

5. Pay attention to the market trend, analyze competing products of live-streaming, and improve the retention rate and viscosity of live-streaming users.

1. Responsible for the implementation of marketing promotion projects, coordinate with internal departments and meet various demands, coordinate to solve various problems in  implementing projects, and be responsible for the results;

2. Responsible for online and offline retail terminal marketing planning and proposal support, coordinate to implement activities and form a review mechanism;

3. Responsible for offline promotion planning and implementation of key projects, independently completing site selection, internal organization, activity construction, site operation and other work;

4. Responsible for accessing to some media cooperation resources;

5. Other brand-related management work.

1. Responsible for the designation of the brand communication strategy;

2. Set out digital and social communication strategies according to the overall communication strategy of the brand;

3. Guide digital/social communication agency to set out annual projects of digital/social communication for each brand;

4. Responsible for the cooperation with digital/social companies, planning specific projects, implementation, supervision and review.

5. Responsible for the strategy /specific planning /specific implementation of different brand cooperation /platform cooperation /star cooperation.