How to keep healthy in spring?

Spring is the first season and the beginning of every year. Regimen in the spring must comply with the risen Yang qi and pay attention to the reservation of Yang qi in terms of diet, mood, daily life and other aspects, so the spring regimen should follow the aspects below:

Go to bed early and get up early

“Huangdi Neijing” says: early to bed and to get up, walk slowly to rise Yang qi. Too much sleep is easy to cause Yang qi stagnation in the body, which is not conducive to “keeping Yang qi in spring and summer”, but we should also not to get up earlier than 5 o'clock, otherwise it is not conducive to health.

Prevent cold and keep warm

Climate changes quickly in the spring, the body striae also becomes porous, thus the resistance to wind chill reduces. Therefore, we should not take off sweaters too early or suddenly, especially for the elderly and the weak.

Smooth emotions, adjust diet, re-nourish liver

In the five-element theory, liver belongs to wood, corresponding to the spring. Liver is mainly responsible for drainage, regimen in the spring should not only refrain from rage and avoid depression, but also keep open-minded and happy. When spring is coming, we should eat less acid but sweeter foods, such as dates, yam, honey and so on. Spring diet should also follow the principle of nourishing Yang qi and soothing liver, we need to eat more onions, ginger, garlic, coriander, leek, spring bamboo shoots, spinach, bean sprouts and so on.

Proper exercise

Walking, jogging, Tai chi, Baduanjin and other calm sports are suitable for spring, we should exercise to sweat slightly, so as not to damage Yang qi.

Disease prevention in spring

We must prevent wind disease in the spring, according to the modern medicine, that wind-pathogen refers to bacteria, virus and other pathogenic factors. We should take preventive measures, keep indoor ventilated, wash hands frequently, close doors and windows at night, to prevent the invasion of wind-pathogen.

We must prevent allergies, avoid allergens as far as possible, not plant flowering plants indoors, and wear a mask when going out.