Are you still suffering from an oily bowel?

If the intestinal fat is removed, it’s easy to lose weight. Obesity is caused by excessive intestinal fat which affects digestive function.

The obesity is mainly caused by excessive intestinal fat, which affects digestive function. So let’s talk about “intestinal fat”.

Fat only exists under the skin, in the gut, in the brain nervous system and in the blood. The intestinal tract is one of five viscera of the human body. When the body takes in excessive fat and can’t consume it or eliminates it, sub-mesenteric adipose tissue will be formed inside the intestinal wall, this is the so-called intestinal oil.

Intestinal oil is mainly caused by eating too much high-fat food and lack of exercise, but some are resulted from body dysfunction caused by endocrine disorders, thus leading to failure fat metabolism.

Intestinal oil is normal and seen among humans and many other animals. But too much intestinal oil will hinder the normal function of the intestine and may cause the digestive system disease, even leads to the obesity. It also enlarges the waist, lead to the function decline of the human epidemic prevention system, and cause a serious threat to the human health.

So, we should learn to remove the intestinal oil, so as to better lose weight.

What is the effective food for removing the intestinal oil?

In our daily life, there are some foods that are fit for removing intestinal oil:

1. Water

Water is the best detoxification medium, can dilute toxins, and carry them away along the body fluids circulate. We need to drink eight cups of water a day, and better a cup of water in the morning.

2. Green tea

It’s suitable for those eating greasy foods to drink green tea, because green tea can help digest, decompose fat, clear intestine and remove grease. Green tea has the most polyphenols with the strongest antioxidant property to fight aging while maintaining a healthy digestive system.

3. Konjac

Konjac contains hydrogel fibers, which greatly promotes the peristalsis of intestinal wall and reduces “various pressures” suffered by the intestinal wall. In addition, the main component of the konjac dietary fiber is glucomannan, which can form a protective membrane in the intestinal wall, shorten the retaining time of foods, remove wastes in the intestinal wall, and make the intestine keep in a benign active state.

Can Besunyen products remove the oil?

Yes, in addition to the daily food, Besunyen Diet Tea can also help to remove the intestinal oil well~

Besunyen Diet Tea adheres to the consistent “herbal” concept. It includes green tea, lotus leaves, cassia seeds... an herbal formula to promote mild and healthy weight loss, and help us effectively remove intestinal oil, thus to reduce the fat accumulation.

Are you still suffering from an oily intestine? Try Besunyen Diet Tea!